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Imagine being able to change the colour of the floor, skirting, and rear wall of your stage! Using self illuminating LED light panels we are able to do just that. Each 630mm x 630mm square can be individually controlled allowing patterns and movement as effect. It is a fantastic approach to modern design.

Light up dance floors have entered a new era with the introduction of LED based panels. Light up dance floors of this type were originally made with conventional incandescent or neon lighting placed under glass or plastic sheets making the overall height of the unit not practical. Our panels are unobtrusive and sitting at a maximum height of 133mm they are easily incorporated into any design or open space.

Besides the standard use as a dance floor system, these modules can also be implemented as table tops or upright wall panels. These configurations add an element of event design not before possible.

Our Lago LED. panels have been used in many configurations to great effect. Each unit consists of a 630mm x 630mm x 15mm aluminium edged acrylic tile. Used as single panels they can be free flown, secured around stage edges, arranged in clusters against hard backing - the list is endless.

These units are a modern, flexible and stunning addition to your event. Unlike many units currently available our panels use side lit acrylic against a black backing. This allows the LED source to deliver deep rich colours. Other units use a white opaque backing giving fluorescent colours only. Being side lit our panels are mostly transparent allowing incorporation into any backing.

These panels are available separately or in rugged modules of differing sizes and configurations to make set up and removal more efficient. Each panel or module is wired to a controller located elsewhere. The controllers are DMX capable.

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