Our extensive fashion experience allows us to design staging, lighting and video aspects that are completely unique and original while remaining practical. Realizing the marketing potential of a well designed stage has proven to be our client’s biggest asset. Providing retailers with an opportunity to showcase their products, whilst their logo appears behind the garments, is an example of this.


Our lighting designers can provide a range of solutions tailored to your event that can include:

  • A professional stage wash, that highlights the garments perfectly for camera and audience alike.
  • Profile lighting that can highlight or add texture to scenic elements.
  • Custom gobos that allow for dynamic brand call out on any desired surface.
  • A range of moving fixtures that can add dynamic, eye catching effects to the event.


Visual components of the show can include an LED Digital Backdrop for fashion shows whereby we can show scenery to reflect the creative perspective of a show, logos on easy to read plasma displays built in to the rear wall of the stage or a mixture of the retailers logo and close up shots of the catwalk action on larger screens. Our design team can create a visual presentation to suit your theme.


Staging for a fashion event can distinguish an amateur event from a professional production. With the use of our many differing sized platforms we can create a visually exciting stage. Using multiple heights allows full view of the shoes right up to larger hats and accessories. Giving the audience the ability to look at the models from varying angles is a must. The rear stage wall can be designed to incorporate the change rooms giving a more practical space in areas not designed for this purpose such as in shopping centres. This wall can then incorporate other element of design such as the coloured panels seen on the right, video screens to display retailer’s logos, upcoming show times and close up shots of shoes, accessories or whole garments.

As with all of our production services we own every piece of equipment we use. Right down to the clothing racks, mirrors, steamers, and secure dressing rooms and carpet.

Whilst each component is available for hire individually, we can quote you on providing a complete package to make it even easier to deliver your message.

Clothing Racks

We have a large quantity of quality clothing racks for hire. The racks incorporate heavy duty wheels and are adjustable in height.

Clothing Steamers

Steamers come as a complete kit in a case. Professional units with large tanks. Just add water and plug in.


We have a variety of mirrors for hire including:

  • Full body mirrors on black steel frame.
  • Table top make up mirrors incorporating light globes.
  • Fashionable display mirrors with various edging in various sizes.

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